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Q: Why to use barrier masks?

Barrier masks are devices intended to complement protective measures for Covid-19 put in place for general public and in particular ant healthy or asymptomatic people.

Q: Where to buy barrier masks for personal use?

Masks are only sold in pharmacies, supermarkets and any other places approved by Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Rwanda Development Board

Q: Who should I contact for more information on where to buy the masks??

Any person can call these Toll free lines 1415 or 3739 to get more information on the distribution outlets spread across the country. You can also call Airtel 072777517

Q: Are there any approved Distributors of masks?

Yes, the table at the end of this page shows a list of distributors that have been selected to sell masks across the country. We have included their numbers to ease communication and locate their premises so easily.

Q: What are the procedures to get approval to manufacture masks?

Companies that wish to manufacture masks should write to the Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority expressing their interest in the same, along with the application letter, description of the raw materials and technology to be used, however for more information, can always contact our toll free lines for further guidance.

Q: Are there any specifications related to materials to be used to manufacture masks?

Each company should follow standards developed by Rwanda Standards Board and detailed guidelines developed by Rwanda FDA. Each company is requested to submit samples to Rwanda standards Board (RSB) for testing to ascertain the quality and RSB along with Rwanda FDA conduct trainings to ensure compliance with the recommended standards.

Q: How many masks should I wear per day?

A barrier mask should strictly be used for a maximum period of 6 hours as per the FDA guidelines. A person who works outside of his/her home may anticipate having 3 masks per day, for back-up. Note: Don’t forget to wash your hands before putting a mask on and after removing it.

Q: Are barrier masks a safe alternative to social distancing?

No.  Face masks do not replace the need for social distancing.  They may help reduce the spread of the virus when you are away from your home or when shopping and when avoiding other people is difficult.

Q: Do I need to wash my hands more often if I am using a face mask?

Yes, you should wash your hands any time before wearing and after using the mask

Q: Can I wash used barrier masks with other clothing? Can I wash masks immediately after use?

Yes, you can wash your used masks at the same time with sheets or towels. However, before washing, make sure that the basin/bucket is thoroughly cleaned before washing.

Q: Can I use an iron or steam iron on my mask?

Yes. For safety of your masks, to remove any wrinkles after washing, ironing is highly encouraged.

Q: Who to contact for more details on production and use of face masks?


The Rwanda Food and Drugs Authority is the institution that approves all companies willing to manufacture masks and also provides guidance on their use: They can be contact on Tel:  +250 788 890 738 or Email:

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