New guidelines relating to markets, distribution services and industries during this period of fighting the spread of COVID-19

Pursuant to the Prime Ministerial announcement of April 30th 2020 relating to easing of movement restrictions and reopening of businesses countrywide, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, in cooperation with other relevant institutions informs the public of the following guidelines relating to markets, distribution services and industries; during this period of fighting Corona Virus.

Market-related Guidelines;

 1.    All markets across the country will operate with 50% of their traders at any time;

2.    Local government will support markets across the country which operate on specific days with sufficient space to enable social distancing;

3.    Traders will be rotated as per their internal market arrangements to ensure continued business activity for all traders;

4.    The management of the markets with support from the Ministry of Trade and industry, local government and other concerned institutions will establish mechanisms to ensure compliance with the 50% threshold;

5.    Screening of buyers at all market entrances will be enforced;

6.    Retail and wholesale shops must ensure only essential staff are working and put in place social distancing mechanisms such as tight ropes or one (1) meter identifiable floor markers;

7.    Staff in markets and retail, wholesale shops must wear face masks at all times and ensure costumers wear masks and are provided with hand sanitizers or water with soap;

8.    The management of the market should remind markets operators to respect these guidelines through existing market communication channels;

Industry-related Guidelines;

9.    Manufacturing industries will open but with essential staff. Other staff will continue working from their homes;

10.  All staff should carry their service cards whenever moving to or from working stations;

11.  Each industry is required to put in place measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among their staff and visitors by maintaining social distance of least one meter between two staff / visitors and availing hand-washing stations and sanitizers for their staff;

12.  Businesses should not speculatively increase prices of their products;

13. All gaming activities will remain closed.

14.  Health guidelines as stipulated by the Ministry of Health must be adhered to. This includes wearing of masks, using and making available hand sanitizers or water with Soap and ensuring one (1) Meter social distancing at all places of business;

15.  These measures are going into effect from Monday, May 4th 2020 and continue for a two week period.                                    


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