Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye visits Rubavu district for the first time as a district Government focal person.

Rubavu: Today September 17, 2020, Minister Soraya visited the district, mainly for a one-day working visit aimed at visiting business activities, based in Rubavu Cross border market, Umurenge Savings and Credit Cooperative Seruka Gisenyi, and three schools under construction: (AMAHORO, SHWEMU and PFUNDA)       

Some of the business activities that Minister Hakuziyaremye visited, including various products in the Rubavu cross border market, where some of the fish, clothing, and fruit traders showed her that they are continuing to thrive, but they also pointed out to the Minister some of the concerns that their business is no longer as it used to be, due to the unusual circumstances of fighting against Coronavirus.

The Minister in collaboration with the district officials solved some of the problems faced by these traders, and assured them of their cooperation in continuing to work for the betterment of their business.

After visiting the cross-border market, the Minister also visited Seruka Gisenyi Sacco, which provides credit and saving services. During her working visit to Rubavu district, Minister Soraya concluded on three schools sites under construction:”  Amahoro, Shwemu and Pfunda”

Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye became a Rubavu district focal person in the government, after she had been in charge of Nyanza district, in the Southern Province.

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