Minister Hakuziyaremye Visited Mukunguli Rice Mill.

Today on 10th July 2020, Hon. Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye visited Mukunguli Rice Mill, the factory is located in Mugina sector, Kamonyi district.

The factory has been operational for four years and its manager Uzziel Niyongira affirms that the aim is to serve Rwandans, as the factory has to contribute to Made In Rwanda promotion.

In this visit, Minister Soraya was told that there is no problem in feeding this factory because it is in a rice region, after touring, she urged managers to make sure that the quality of products can be accessed in every market, to stabilize prices on the market for the good of the farmers, processors and consumers.

After, the visit, the Hon. Minister told the managers of the factory that working together leads to remarkable achievements.

Rice has become a major commodity in the food baskets of rural and urban households in Rwanda.

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