One of the greatest challenges that the Government of Rwanda faces in delivering world-class services is the ability to share information and coordinate action. Ministry of Trade and Industry MINICOM has an important role to play in improving this coordination function for the industrial sector.  In 2014, MINICOM developed a cross-government system to store information on challenges faced by individual companies in a way that would enable all government institutions to access it and collaborate to prioritise and resolve them.

This system is called the Company Issues Tracker. It was developed by an in-house team at MINICOM who began trialling it in May 2015. Since then, MINICOM has been training a team in each relevant ministry on how to use it and is further developing the Tracker to fit into the varying workflows of different institutions. MINICOM also uses the industrial survey to learn about the industrial sector, collecting a wealth of data regarding the difficulties faced by individual firms, such as poor quality roads, frequent power cuts, and a lack of access to water.  In late 2014, MINICOM imported the data from its most recent industrial survey into the Tracker, establishing a base dataset that covers more than 200 Rwandan firms.

Going forward, the Tracker will be integrated with other cross-governmental coordination mechanisms, such as the Industrial Development and Export Committee and RDB's planned Online Investor Aftercare System. Once the system is fully operational and government institutions have been trained in using it, MINICOM intends to trial access to the system to private companies to enable them to contribute information on their own issues, to receive updates and find out who in government has been assigned to resolve them.

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