Overview and Responsibilities


The General Directorate of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) coordinates the internal workings of the ministry as well as liaises with other GOR ministries and institutions and development partners. PME oversees the annual budget process; provides background analysis to inform policy; monitors the fulfilment of ministry’s performance contracts (imihigos) and coordinates with other stakeholders

PME’s roles and responsibilities

 • Providing in-depth and permanent analysis/research of the private sector and its different sub sectors to inform policy and project design

 • Mainstreaming of Trade, Industry and Tourism issues into national planning instruments (Vision 2020, EDPRS, and other sectoral planning instruments)

 • Establishment of a system of consolidated, analysed and useful statistics on the sector (Internal trade, external trade, industry, private sector and so on)

 • A clear and effective M&E framework of the private sector, trade and industry development interventions

 • Coordinate the Private Sector Development and Youth Employment Sector Working Group, which brings together all stakeholders in the sector, ensuring effective partnerships, information sharing and the elimination of duplication of efforts

 • Coordinate the elaboration of the ministry’s strategic plan, annual action plans and budget

 • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of AAP and Budget as well as other ad hoc activities

 • Prepare the required technical reports and briefing notes on a regular basis for dissemination to key ministries



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