Mission and Vision


The Government of Rwanda (GoR) has initiated a broad economic reform agenda from which ambitious but achievable targets have been set for growth and poverty reduction. One of the key pillars of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 is “private sector-led development”, spearheaded by competitiveness and entrepreneurship.

The development of the private sector is not only essential for economic growth but also ensures the emergence of a productive middle class of entrepreneurs as part of a service and knowledge-based economy. Therefore, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) has summarized its vision, mission and interventions to achieve this objective.


The Ministry of Trade and Industry has a vision to achieve accelerated and sustained economic growth led by a dynamic and competitive private sector.


To facilitate Rwanda’s economic transformation through enabling a competitive private sector integrated into regional and global markets, while ensuring a level playing field and the protection of consumers.

Strategic Objectives:

MINICOM has five strategic objectives:

• To create a business environment conducive to growth and the protection of consumers.

• To increase the share of services and manufacturing in GDP.

• To support private sector growth and job creation with a focus on SMEs.

• To promote trade integration into regional and global markets with a focus on improving Rwanda’s trade balance.

• To build an effective human resource base and institutional capacity for delivery.

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