Affiliated Agencies

Affiliated Agencies to MINICOM

-The Rwanda Standards Board (RSB, previously the Rwanda Bureau of Standards) was established in 2002 and develops, awards and enforces standards on Rwandan products so that their quality and safety may be known and trusted in Rwanda and abroad. This facilitates both trade and consumer protection. For further details, see RSB’s website:

- The Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) was established in 2008 and is mandated to promote, register and regulate cooperatives in Rwanda. RCA works to develop the Rwandan cooperative sector so as to serve its members equitably and efficiently and empower them economically. For further details, see RCA’s website

 - National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) was established 2014 and is mandated to conduct research on and incubate new industrial technologies as well as promote the adoption of improved technology in Rwanda’s private sector. For further details, see NIRDA’s website

-The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) was an agency affiliated to MINICOM until 2010 but has now moved to the President’s Office. Whilst no longer directly affiliated to MINICOM, RDB still implements the majority of policies developed by the Ministry, namely the SME and Industrial Policies, Tourism Policy, Intellectual Property, the National Export Strategy and the Trade and Investment Policies. For further details about RDB see their website

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