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The Ministry of Trade and Industry through its department of Trade continues to support Rwanda’s regional integration efforts within the EAC and the COMESA region.


“Promote and facilitate access to regional and international markets through trade negotiation and integration”.

Key Missions

- Enhance competition and consumer protection

- Improve and manage domestic trade

- Promote Bilateral, Multilateral and Regional trade integration

Regional Integration

On the 1st of July 2010, Rwanda along with Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda launched the East African Community Common Market.

The common market creates huge opportunities for businesses in the region in terms of the increased market access and other opportunities.

The EAC Customs Union that started 1st July 2009 and COMESA free trade Area which commenced in January 2004 also play a big role in making goods and services available both at national and regional level, as well as providing access for Rwandan producers into these key markets.

MINICOM will continue to support the Rwanda private sector to take advantage of opportunities offered by such regional integration initiatives.

Bilateral and Multilateral Trade Negotiations

MINICOM supports ongoing multilateral trade negotiations in the WTO as well as trade negotiations with key partners such as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations with the EU. The key objectives of these negotiations are to guarantee Rwandan producers access to key markets.

It is in this context that MINICOM encourages all exporting firms or firms with an interest in exporting to take advantage of the trade preferences offered under “everything but Arms” initiative (EBA) by European Union and African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) by United States and other similar initiatives.

Trade Department’s main achievements

Enhance competition and consumer protection

• Inspection of traders: 1739 traders have been inspected on trade practice.

• Training of traders on new commercial law: 2400 traders have been trained on the following laws:

• Law on insolvency

• Mortgage law

• Companies act

• Law on security interest in movable property

• Intellectual Property law

Improve and manage domestic trade

Post Harvest:

Farmers have been helped to find the market for their harvest by facilitating them to get loans.

Distribution channels:

Distribution channel for key products (Irish potatoes, charcoals and milk) has been identified In order to put in place strategy to resolve obstacles in the distribution.

Promote bilateral, multilateral and regional trade integration

• Rwanda cross border trade facilitated by removal of NTBs

• A study on informal cross border has been done in order to mainstream the informal cross border trade

• Sensitization and consultation of relevant stakeholders on trade negotiations and other issues have been improved.

• The Trade policy document finalized for Cabinet approval.

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