Organizational Structure

MINICOM structure has evolved over time, owing among other things to a number of reforms in public service. The mainstream departmental functions (Trade, Industry, Planning, and Finance & Administration) were supplemented with the creation of a Petroleum special unit in 2006, a Directorate General in charge of Investment Climate and Intellectual Property in 2009, a Craft Industry Secretariat in 2009, and a Competition and Consumer Protection unit in 2010.

The latest restructuring request was officially submitted in June 2010; approved by cabinet in April 2011 and is currently awaiting official confirmation from the Prime Minister’s Office to be implemented.

It proposes the clustering of MINICOM activities along 3 key directorates general, namely: (1) Planning, Policy and M&E, (2) Trade and Investment and (3) Industry and SME Development. It also factors in the creation of the Competition Authority function within the Ministry, which is proposed in the draft competition policy already submitted and approved by the Cabinet.

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