• Create a Conducive Investment Climate whereby, investors would like to be;

• Identify and mitigate constraints to business environment (i.e. war on delays)

• Streamline Doing Business indicators to best practice

• Initiate and design a customer care guideline as a tool to lure investors;

• Promote the development of intellectual property and ensure that copyright and related rights contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of Rwanda;

• Establish schemes for the training of staff in the administration of intellectual property laws


Improve the investment climate to increasing domestic and foreign investment and improve the trade balance.


Doing Business:

According to the World Bank Doing Business Report, Rwanda has moved from the 70th place in 2010 report to the 58th place in 2011 among in 183 economies. The Investor Perception Index increased from 60.2% in 2009 to 71% in 2010.

The 2013 World Bank Doing Business Report has ranked Rwanda 32nd out of 189 countries. Rwanda is still the best performing country in the East African region and the 2nd easiest place to do business in Sub-Saharan Africa following Mauritius which ranks 20th Worldwide; South Africa is 3rd in Sub-Saharan Africa and 41st Worldwide followed by Botswana and Ghana ranking 4th and 5th in Sub Saharan and globally ranked 56th and 67th respectively.

• 3 Institutions namely the Commercial Courts, the Land Registration and the Business Registration were established, fully equipped with IT equipments, furniture and Internet facilities and are operational.

• A Digital Court Recording System (DCRS), Video Conferencing and an Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) have been built and installed in commercial courts.

• An On-line Business Registration System has been built and is now operational in the RDB’s Business Registration Department.

• Land Administration and Information System (LAIS) has been built and is now operational, it was launched by the Hon. Ministers of MINICOM and MINELA on 24/01/2011.

Business registration now is done online and it takes only 6 Hours to get your Business registration Certificate for the purpose of easy doing business in Rwanda.

Website of Business licenses is on board now you can get all relevant information regarding all licenses issued by Government institutions where you can easily get the detail of each license. For more detail please visit:

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