Overview and Responsibilities



Industry and Entrepreurship department works to improve the competitiveness of existing Rwandan industries, support the emergence of new industries and coordinate the National Employment Programme for start-ups.

Main Functions of the Department

-Leading the process of  policy design, formulation of regulations and strategies on:

  • Industrial and SMEs development
  • Transfer of technology development

-Setting up guidelines & mechanisms to identify key industrial opportunities and create a conducive environment for its development

-Ensuring the effective implementation of the National Industrial Master Plan to the Industrial zones.

-Supporting the competitiveness of local industries and promote locally produced products to recapture.

-Establishing links and work with stakeholders (National, Regional & International Institutions) to improve industrial development.

-Mobilizing partners and necessary resources for the development of industry and SMEs.

-Coordinating the Monitoring & Evaluation of implementation of strategies and policies related to industrial and entrepreneurship development.


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